What Is Mill-Turning Machine Center

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Mill-turning machine center is a combination of two kinds of machining method: milling and turning. Compare with VMC or lathe, mill-turning center has two spindles, one is connected with the turning working table and the other is mounted the mill tool, this design help the machinist to do the two machining in one machine. This is the best way to machine the round cnc aluminium or steel parts with holes on the sides, just need to do the fixture one time compare with the traditional way of mutiple steps of fixing and disassembling.


  • Improve the effiency – Needless to assemble and disassemble the workpiece from different machines, we can complete milling and turning processes in one machine.
  • Increase the accuracy – Reduce the times of workpiece assembling, thus decrease the accumulated tolerance by positioning the workpiece in different machines.
  • Machine the complex geometry – Some complex geometry has to be made by mill-turning center.


  • Cost – Mill-turning machine has a higher price than VMC or lathe, and also a high maintance cost.
  • Difficulty of programming – Some complex geometry may be a challange for the programmer of mill-turning machine.

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